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Son Tom grew up in our family Triumph business in the suburbs of Boston, MA. From early childhood the Triumph motorcycle was apart of his life. His early toys were often bits and parts of Triumph motorcycles. Customers would often find him in a crib tucked in between the current year's offerings from across the pond.

After a skiing accident laid him up on crutches for nearly a year, Tom joined the family business serving the parts needs of Triumph dealers around the US. Those of you who know Tom now know that he loves food and is an accomplished chef. Tom knows how to make people happy and in an effort to help him better understand mechanics, and serve the customers better, we decided to dust off the race box and go back to the track. The 500 above is the result.

Based upon some glass from New Zealand and Don Burnett's 1962 Daytona winning Triumph 500. The original was tuned by TriCor's legendary Triumph tuner, Cliff Guild. Our bike feature a Cerriani front brake and forks, Amal MKII carburetors, Nourish billet crankshaft, Precision Machine valves, Rowe USA guides, Megacycle 1060 camsahfts, early squish head and special Aries pistons. The oil tank is from an original type we had been previously using on our Triumph 500's dating back to 1959 incorporating a built in oil filter inside the tank.

The exhaust is a compromise, while we probably could have gotten better performance with a traditional set-up, Jerry's riding style leaves little in the way of ground clearance. Actually Don Burnett's Triumph used almost the same set-up, favoring corner speed for ultimate top-end. While our long time friend, Jerry Wood, was busy running his race school and mixing it up with the youngsters on Fast by Ferraci Ducatis and the like, he agreed to ride our Vintage bike.

Tom and John Healy 

     We hope to keep this page updated on a monthly basis, time permitting.  We are asking that club members submit photos of their favorite bike and give a short history/story about it.  We prefer that you email a JPG photo and data to make it easier for us to post to the web site.  However, if you don't have facilities to scan your photo, you can mail the picture to either address below and we will scan it for you.  Your bike photo will be judged for clarity, not content.  Send us a picture of your favorite ride.  We don't care what model or year but will strive to post an assortment month to month.  Please email photo and info to:
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